CEO speech

Dear colleagues!

It is encouraging to note that recently there has been expanding of the market of services for the production of high-tech products. Only 10 -15 years ago, we could not imagine such a big number of electronic products, which are very high level, developed in Russia, intended not only for domestic consumption but also exported to many countries of the world. Our company is ready to offer you a full range of services for the production of microelectronic products. Our experience will allow you to develop a project, to release samples and organize industrial production of your products very fast. I want to note that the transition to a contract-manufacturing model is not a feature of the Russian market, but the global trend, allowing manufacturing companies to strengthen their market position by focusing on marketing, development and distribution of its products.

Our company’s slogan is «From Idea to Implementation». I am confident that the company «NEWTECH» will justify your trust, how it has already justified the trust of many of our customers.


С уважением, Генеральный директор ООО «НЬЮТЭК» Воробьев А.В.          podpis1