Manufacturing of electronics

For more than 10 years of experience in the field of development and manufacture of electronic equipment, we have established the direct partnerships with printed circuit boards manufacturers and assembly plants not only in Russia but also in different regions of the world. It is no secret that the mass production of «not complex» boards is most advisable to implement in South-East Asia, but particularly complex boards- in Europe. For each project (our or yours) we are working on several options of the production based on the requirements for the PCB and cooperate only directly and with those productions, with whom we have collaborated for several years, that allows us to offer a competitive price, even if the project is complex. In such case, if you order the development of the printed circuit board or the device as a whole, we will implement the project using such way that will help us to optimize the ratio of price and quality in mass production.

We do not just provide intermediary service, as dozens of companies do, and we are not «tied» to a particular plant, that allows us to solve the problem flexibly. We produce electronics for ourselves and also can help you to produce it with minimum costs of time and money. You can be sure that we produce the boards (prototype or series) and make the installation for you at the same enterprises, which make them for us that allows us to control the quality of production at all stages.

Our partnerships and constant orders allow us to offer our customers the optimal ratio of price and quality.